Bauer Leading The Way

After Jordan Staal and Evgeni Malkin led the Penguins to a 4-2 Game Four win, the Stanley Cup Finals are now tied at two games a piece. Now we may not know which team will end up winning the Cup, but we do know that Bauer Hockey is the No. 1 brand in this year's Stanley Cup Finals.

Bauer is the No. 1 skate, stick, helmet and glove used by both the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins as they strive to win the Stanley Cup. Looking forward to the rest of the series and some great hockey.

Posted By: Luke Ventura


6/5/09 3:15 PM

liam said

i think trhey should bring out the bsuer turbos wheel mskates there amazing and would sell like no ones buisness

6/5/09 7:16 PM

Doug said

Does Osgood own exclusive rights to the SK2000 helmet and cat's eye cage?! I can't find replacements anywhere!!

6/6/09 11:28 AM

John said

When does the Nike Swoosh come off Bauer helmets and skates? I want new gear, but don't want the swoosh

6/7/09 9:38 PM

tank paolo said

is it possible to get the x60s with the stock tuuks but in black?

6/8/09 10:00 PM

steve said

just bought my kids the new vapor shift skates. they are not advertised on this web site. i think they are the same as the x40's. am i right? is this just a different naming system between u.s. and canada?

6/11/09 2:09 PM

felix chamberland said

hi my name is felix an i am 15 years old last year i was playing bantam AA in quebec and next year i am going to the midget AAA training camp so i would know if you could sponsor me , i wear all bauer stuff but my one 95 stick always broke but it is my favorite kind of stick and my father is tired to pay for it . i also eard talk about players who test your new stuff so i think that i could be a good one. i hope you will respond me . thank you.

felix chamberland #27

6/11/09 2:51 PM

Peter Veltri said

will the backstrom curve be replacing the old lindros curve? if so will there be any adjustment to the curve or just the name change?

6/11/09 6:24 PM

Jon Galehouse said

Game 6 was some great hockey!

6/12/09 10:36 AM

israels e. said

Was wandering when the new Supreme skates were going to come out, I also dont like the nike swoosh but I like the Supreme line of skates.

6/26/09 4:07 PM

jake finnegan said

i have proof of a bauer vapor x60 hockey stick

7/4/09 11:43 PM

Andrew L said

I have new pics of the vapor x60 stick. these are not video game pictures. they will be up on youtube within 48 hours so go to youtube and look for vapor x60 stick and seach by relavance for the newest 1

7/5/09 10:40 AM

Andrew L said
here are pics of the Vapor x60 stick

8/27/09 4:11 PM

jack said

i was wondering when Bauer is going to realease the X:60 stick

9/29/09 8:02 PM

Ron said

I'm looking to replace my NXI Cat Eye NonCert shield. Does Bauer have this or similar shield compatible with the ITech 2500 helmet?

10/14/09 10:59 AM

doug maclean said

when can i custom make an x60?

11/28/09 2:39 AM

David said

How long does it take to receive your custom x60?

12/23/09 6:07 PM

James Russom said

Can i buy the sk2000 bauer helment and the hc30 cage basically i want ozzsgood helment but in black not red thanks