Bauer Q & A

Bauer recently got back from the 2009 Bauer Athlete Summit so apologies on the delay in getting back to your questions. Please keep them coming in and we'll respond as soon as possible. On to round two of Q & A.

1. Robert: What skates feel the most like the ONE90's? What would you prefer for a skate that is most comfortable? Any one answer!! PLEASE

The Supreme ONE95's will be the closest skate that resembles the ONE90. The Supreme series is built with an anatomical fit with zero-negative space. You can learn more about the Supreme ONE95 here.

2. Ian: Is it possible to change the blade on the Supreme ONE35 by removing the nut under the heel end of the insole?

The stainless blade on the ONE35 is injected with the holder so it is all one piece. The whole holder/blade can be removed and replaced but not the blade by itself.

3. Chenin: What do skate sizes D, R, and EE mean?

D is our standard width, EE is our wider width. R is used as a general sizing for price point skates

4. Chris: How can i find itech gear because their site is missing and on the bauer site there is no itech merchendise.

Hi Chris, when Bauer purchased Itech not all of the Itech gear was kept and transfered over. There are still a large amount of Itech products that have been re-branded to Bauer that live on For example, all the Itech face shields are now Bauer branded. Goalie masks, goal pads, and protective accessories have also been re-branded to Bauer.

5. Matt: Will you guys ever get a german flag for an option for the nike bauer id? Cause im german, but there is no german flag.

Currently there are no plans to add the German flag immediately to the Bauer iD site but as we look to improve the site and expand the options available to the consumers, it is something that has been identified and it is something we are certainly considering.

6. Skippy: Do you have plans for a newer, advanced helmet beyond the 9500 coming out anytime soon?

Yes, our new elite level helmet will be released in the spring of 2010. We can't release the name or details of it yet, but it is on the way.

7. Derek: is the new stick thats coming out in October gonna be able to be like 195s were u can get it all custom?

Yes, the new Vapor X:60 stick will be available to make custom orders, just like the ONE95 and Vapor XXXX.

8. John: How can I get custom one95 skates I need left foot 8.5 and right 7.5? Any extra charge for this?

Custom skates can be ordered through his/her local pro shop. There is an additional up-charge for this [$80 USD]

9. Matthew: This may be a dumb question, but I do not see anything that lists what the differences between the X:60, X:50 and X:40. SO what is it?

Hi Matthew, check out the skates in the gear section. You can click on each individual skate, click on "specs" and see the exact differences between the skates.

Thanks for all the questions, keep them coming and we'll do our best to get an answer for you.

Posted By: Bauer Hockey


8/15/09 8:00 AM

Andreas said

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to order from Nike Bauer ID to Sweden, if not, have you thought about making it possible?

8/15/09 10:18 AM

Paul said

Hi, I'm playing with pro-stock Malkin sticks and I'm now addicted to the actual blade he's using (0373-15). Is there any way I can custom order these sticks?

8/16/09 9:51 AM

ady said

is it possible for me to get a custom goalie mask design?

8/17/09 2:50 PM

john said

in nhl 10 i think i have seen glimpses of the new x:60. Will it be in the game and when does the stick come out?

8/17/09 2:53 PM

josh said

hello, when watching the trailer for nhl 10 i think i have seen glimpses of the new x:60 stick. is this true, and what is the date this stick will come out

8/17/09 4:01 PM

Davis said

My son airs out his equipment religously; however, his NV7 K9 mask is still getting rust on the inside. How can I clean it now and avoid this in the future?

8/17/09 7:57 PM

andrew morris said

Derek:is the x:60 stick like the one95 with the mid kick and the strong hard feeling blade or is it like the vapor xxxx with a low stiff kick and a softer forgiving feeling blade

8/17/09 10:53 PM

John said

Question: My son has a size 4 Nike Bauer one35's. His foot has grown slightly and still fits in the skate but the footbad does not match his mold. Is there any way of adjusting the mold again?

8/18/09 6:01 AM

Frenchie said

Where can I find the bauer vapor XXX

8/18/09 11:33 AM

JC said

since the X60 stick will be released in october. will you be making lower end models such as X50 or X40 sticks?

8/18/09 8:46 PM

Giller said

I am currently looking @ purchasing a pair of x20's for my 13 year old son. He plays AAA and I want to be sure this is the rigth skat for him. He is currently skating on a pair of Vapour shifts. Is the X20 a comparative skate?

8/19/09 2:29 PM

Rick Essery said

When are you going to start making skates properly, stop using NIKE techiques! My son just got his new X60's and I was told by the dealer to watch out for improper mounting of the blades on the boot. Yet, for a high end pair of skates there it was, one blade mounted off to the side on the right boot, real good quality for $700.00, right! This was the 5th pair my dealer had seen nad his associate in Oakville has seen over 6 pairs, I guess Bauer i knew when i was playing is no longer the quality shop they were!

8/19/09 8:11 PM

ian said

which skate is better the x60 or the one95 ive had the one95 and have the x60 which is better for a defensemen

8/20/09 3:40 PM

Payton said

I am wondering if there will be an X:60 gear series anytime soon which will include gloves?

8/21/09 3:25 PM

Lucas said

I purchased One90 skates for my son and now his younger brother is using them. His first time out one of the blades broke. I can understand that blades break. What I don't understand is that Bauer no longer makes blades for the skates. A top of the line skate that no one has replacement blades for. I think that is horrible product support. Now what do we do. Buy the One95? I don't think so.

8/21/09 4:00 PM

Richard Bryant said

Do you dropship for internet retailers?

8/22/09 7:29 AM

Pete said

Will Bauer be making a version of the itech SP50 shoulder pads because i have alot of people coming to my sporting goods shop asking for them. I was just woundering now that Bauer owns itech and what not.

8/22/09 2:23 PM

Mike Peters said

I recently purchased a set of Bauer One95 shin pads for my son.
He's on the ice constantly playing travel Bantam hockey and Freshman year high school 5 - 6 days/week. The knee cup cracked down the middle and where the stitching is on top of the pad. Does anyone know if there is a manufacturers warranty? For two months of use I think this is a bit non-standard of Bauer's past performance with the rest of his equipment.

8/22/09 2:34 PM

Justin said

When do the new Line Of Supreme Skates and sticks Come Out?

8/22/09 9:22 PM

JayK47 said

Would you ever make skates for the people who have higher instep/arc???

8/23/09 11:58 AM

Randy said

Have heard the "d" width on the new flexlites is the same as "ee" in the vapor width. Is this true?

8/23/09 12:27 PM

Alex said

I am currently trying to buy a vapor XXXX id stick and i would like a 60 flex but on the id options it is only 67 and also when is the x60 going to be able to be id able and when does it coe out

8/23/09 9:10 PM

Robyn Bagley said

I am looking for the all-in-one sets of equipment for a 45lbs kid?

8/24/09 1:25 PM

Greg said

I have purchased a pair of Vapor hockey pants. I play on two teams with different color patterns, will the Vapor Shell fit over top of pants or only a girdle?

8/24/09 7:57 PM

Kris Hopkins said

I see on the website you offer tall sizes for some products (eg Supreme ONE75 pants), which is fantastic, but I can't find them in stores. I'm 6'6 and need these tall pants! Where can I get them?

8/24/09 8:28 PM

mathieu said

Are you gonna comme out with a new model for the one95 hockey stick or are you just gonna make the X60 hockey stick as your new model for a hockey stick

8/25/09 10:36 AM

Max said

I am looking for the FLEXLITE 4.0 skates and none of the Hockey stores in Montreal carry them , Can you tell me if they will be shipped out to retail stores ?

8/26/09 3:13 PM

matt said

when will the supreme one100 be out

8/27/09 7:41 AM

Jordy said

When are x60 gloves coming out? bAnd do you guys have vapor xxxx gloves that only say BAUER?

8/27/09 2:34 PM

Brandon said

In goalie ads i know iteck was supposed to come out with the x-rated goal pads are you guys gona come out with that anytime soon.

8/28/09 9:11 AM

Aaron said

Hello, i was wondering how i could get the bauer e-mail adress?

8/28/09 8:05 PM

RYAN said

what the next set of supremes going to be called?
And like the addition of the german flag, will there be more countries available? Like Austria, Japan, Mexico etc

8/29/09 3:53 PM

Tyler said

can you place orders for 6 custom sticks through a bauer rep, or a local bauer pro shop? if so, could you order the x60 sticks? also how long will it take?

8/31/09 6:27 PM

bob said

its a stupid ? but i clicked on bauer id and a blank screen poped up so wat do i do

9/2/09 7:45 AM

Patrik said

What is the difference between runner blade LS2 and super and stainless steel ?

9/2/09 3:16 PM

matt said

will you be selling a bauer branded one95 stick?

9/4/09 12:54 AM

kevin papproth said

I need to know if the bauer "supreme 30006 owen nolan pattern" from around 1998 is available or if the p91 is its clone i have used the curve for many years and always had sherwood custom make them but would prefer bauer. please help!! thanks, kevin

9/4/09 9:57 AM

Kevin said

Whay are your sticks 2 times more expensive in Canada vice the US???

9/4/09 3:53 PM

doug lane said

are the 31in. one75 pads available in intermediate sizing ? (i.e 11in. width), do they also come with the plus 1 ?

9/5/09 2:36 PM

Richard Turton said

I purchased the one95 skates for my son and this is the first Supreme that has caused him blisters on his insteps. He's been wearing them for 2 weeks and has had them treated twice by the proshop that fitted him in Chicago. I even purchased shock doctor insoles but the problem remains. He loves the feel and fit but the blisters are pain literally, they aren't going away. We've had 5000, 8000, and 80090s for eleven odd years without a problem. The proshop tells me they can't push out the shell and we can reheat them one more time. What can I do to get the to fit snugger and stop the foot movement?

Looking for something that will allow us to keep the skate and just work at the game rather than the pain.

9/5/09 9:47 PM

Skippy said

Is there any hope for a Supreme line stick coming out in the first half of 2010? I am looking forward to it greatly.

9/6/09 4:55 PM

Steve said

Hey I was wondering if you make any custom versions of your 960? Cause the chin is a bit to tigh so could a get a custom one with a loosened chin strap??

9/10/09 12:11 PM

Dennis said

I am interested in trying a Bauer one95 skate but in a B width. Bauer policy is not to stock non standard sizes so potential customers have to place a non returnable custom order for the skates. If they don't fit we own them. I suggest that Bauer stock a range of non standard sizes at the factory and then offer to ship them at customer's expense to see if they fit. I am willing to pay round trip shipping but to pay list plus special order price is a little steep.

9/10/09 2:04 PM

cam said

is it possible to get a 4500 in green? no bauer helmets come in green ive been looking everywhere. Please help

9/10/09 3:06 PM

Jonathan said

I have been using the Bauer Endure stick with a 102 flex and P88 curve for the past 4/5 years. When I heard they were being discontinued I bought up a bunch and have now ran out. So my question is what stick that you make today will most resemble the characteristics of the Old Bauer Endure. Please advise.

9/10/09 3:40 PM

Brett Clarke said

Hey, just looking for some feed back, is there anyway i can order multiple one95 sticks with grip on them, not the actualy grip stick but the black one without haveing to custom it through bauer id ??

9/11/09 7:58 AM

Joe said

What is the difference between a Bauer Vapor X30 and a Vapor LTX?

9/12/09 2:22 AM

Mitchell said

In terms of the new X:60 limited edition skate, I noticed there is a new runner on it. What is the LS Fusion?

9/13/09 10:42 AM

Mike said

Do you build custom one95 sticks? If so, what is the additional cost and I do I go about placing the order? I would like to duplicate a pattern on a wood stick I own.

9/13/09 4:34 PM

Kenny said

Is its possible to get custom bauer rx9 pads in a 38'+1. If so how do i do it.

9/14/09 7:25 PM

Kyle said

When does the x:60 stick come out?

9/14/09 9:30 PM

Jake Finnegan said

Hey, I was thinking about getting the One95 gloves for christmas, but i am thinking you are coming out with X60 gloves. Are You? I would really like to know soon!!

9/15/09 3:37 PM

israels e. said

when are the new bauer goalie skates coming out, I especially want to see the new vapor goalie skates.

9/15/09 6:22 PM

julia kelly said

my son has worn nauer hockey skates for 11 years and at 15 he needs a size 13 skate or he won't be able to play hockey. can anyone from Bauer help us?

9/17/09 8:06 PM

Dan said

I am having difficulty ascertaining the difference/similarities between the Vapor X-60 and the Supreme One 95 as they relate to the Vapor XXXX. Part of my confusion is that the staff at four pro shops have provided conflicting information so I thought it best to go to the source.
My son needs a new pair of skates to replace his youth size 13 Vapor XXXX - My son is in this boot on Doctor’s orders (my son has Severs ankle)- according to the Dr. the ‘stiffer the better’. Thus, I would like to get him into a similar boot as the XXXX’s because he has had no recurring medical problems.
Dan S.

9/24/09 8:53 AM

David Sparkes said

I am in the process of buying a new pair of Bauer Skates. I would like to know what the difference is between X40, x50, Vapor Shift, and Vapour LTX Pro.

9/25/09 2:24 PM

Gunther said

In simple language (i.e., not the marketing speak) can you explain the differences between the different lines of skates: vapor, supreme, flexlite?

9/26/09 9:45 AM

jamie marcotte said

I purchased Bauer supreme one skates last year and the boot is falling apart towards the toe. Appears the glue is not strong enough. That happened to another friend...Is Bauer aware of this default. Lost the receipt..can anything be done about a refund ..

9/27/09 8:36 PM

Kelly said

I purchased a pair of new Itech Rx 7 Goalie pads for my son in Feb. 2009, he wore them for a couple of weeks and we just got them out for hockey try outs and the stitching on some of the seams are out. Is this under a warranty? We took them back to Play-It-Again Sports in Kanata, Ontario and they said they'd fix them. But I'm really not happy with the fact that these pads didn't even have a month of use and are falling apart! Please let me know what should be done.
Thank you,

10/3/09 10:14 AM

Hurley Simon said

I'm inquiring to see if the ONE95 skate fits as the ONE90's did. I believe you ordered a half size smaller than you normally would in any other skate. I usually wear a 10.5D, and was told to order a 10D. Does the new model follow suit?

10/3/09 6:08 PM

bob collins said

What is the smallest skate that you produce as I have a two year old grndaughter who's foot size is 5.5 and the smallest skate at the store i went to was size 8y . Do you make smaller skates

10/6/09 1:48 PM

bob said

I was just wondering why the prices of the products aren't listed on the website.

10/8/09 1:10 PM

Ann said

My still-growing 13 year old son is about to grow out of his 12.5 mens goalie skates. Is it possible to order a 13.5 with going 'custom' since we will need more room to grow?

10/8/09 9:32 PM

Kevin Huson said

Any truth to the rumor that Bauer is comming out with a new skate late this year called "The One" in the Supreme series?

10/12/09 9:49 AM

Steven said

Hello, I was wondering about the different sizing on skates. I have an old pair of Nike Quest 1's that were 9EE. I am looking at a pair of Bauer x50 now, and is there any difference with the sizing. I was wondering if they relate, should I get the same size?

10/12/09 6:58 PM

Devon said

When does the total one and one 100 skates come out?

10/19/09 6:01 PM

matt said

Im in love with my old vapor XXXX stick and was wondering which of the new line of vapor sticks matches most with the old xxxx.

11/10/09 10:20 PM

sam said

im looking to purchase the supreme one 95 skate, will there be a new model or updated model coming out in the near future worth waiting for

11/14/09 12:18 PM

Michael Lesage said

I have skated on Bauer 8000 8D's since 2005, but they have now worn out:( What skate will get me the closest fit to that, with the same level of quality (preferably a Bauer Supreme)

11/15/09 8:44 PM

hockey dad said

i was given a pair of bauer skates for my son i have no idea what size they are can you help bauer 25 1 dr g 94 pro team

11/23/09 6:52 PM

Vij said

Are you discontinuing the bauer 5500 helmet or is the 7500 going to replace it

11/28/09 4:07 PM

Ryan said

when are the X:60 player gloves going to be release? i saw them in a bauer a and have been dying for them to come out

12/8/09 6:14 PM

Sébastien said

I want to buy new skates but I need some information of the new one100 and the bauer totalone ! Please can you help me?

12/10/09 8:19 AM

Marko said

Hello! when comes the Bauer one 100s pads out in store?

12/15/09 11:30 AM

Brian Gleason said

My two boys play Knee Hockey constantly and have asked for Knee Hockey sticks that have the same graphics as the regular Bauer Sticks. They are on e-bay for $20-$60. They should only a $3-$9 item. Where can I get these rare and valuable mini-hockey sticks? It was easy to find an buy the real X-60s at $180 a pop.

12/20/09 2:07 PM

Aaron said

I bought a brand new Nike Bauer supreme one 05 in the U.K, the blade on the skates is TUUK Stainless. However, I saw the skates picture and description states that it uses Fasteel. Dose anyone know why? Thanks

1/27/10 8:59 PM

Kale said

Now that Bauer and Nike have splitten up, how much longer will the Supreme One95's be made?

2/8/10 7:03 PM

tanner said

hey i was just wondering when your going to release you supreme totalone and one 100 skates, stick, protective and gloves

2/15/10 7:18 AM

Erkka Juntunen said

first i think that the x60 stick is very good but i use it about 2 week and it broke same thing happened again so why the x60 blade is so week!!

2/16/10 2:36 PM

kevin said

can someone tell me how the new bauer goalie gear is called`??? i mean the gear that lundquist and vokoun are now playin.
greets from germany

2/18/10 11:14 AM

chenek picka said

Where can I get orthopedic insoles to support my flat feet for Supreme One95 skates size 9EE?

2/24/10 8:04 PM

tyler said

how do u get a sponsership with you guys

2/26/10 9:31 AM

Jeff Fast said

What is the difference between the Bauer X:60 and The Limited edition?

3/1/10 1:37 PM

Sheri said

Has anyone else had issues with the soutures undoing near the toe and the skate coming apart? Our dealer told us we had to deal with BAUER ourselves as he had no options for us. Anybody else have this problem???

3/4/10 1:54 PM

mike said

Bauer vapor 6 and 8 where the best shoulder pads. Are you going to make any similar ones...with huge low profile caps...otherwise you look like a robot in all these new shoulder pads

3/5/10 1:58 PM

Gerald said

I cannot find the Bauer one up chassis axle kit for last years model rollerblades.

3/5/10 10:59 PM

Paolo said

i wanted to know when the X60 gloves are being sold out

3/11/10 2:56 PM

Mason gray said

Hi , when will the 9900 helmet come out , and if I want 6 one 95 or x 60 can I get a team logo on it ?

3/12/10 1:16 AM

James said

which current skate model most resembles the old Bauer 7000

3/12/10 11:45 AM

Paul Marino said

where can I purchase teh new Bauer skate in the Massachusetts area...don't want to wait until the end of April and don't want to buy on-line

3/15/10 10:08 AM

petter said

when does the 9900 helmet come out?

3/17/10 6:42 PM

Wyatt said

do you actually make your sticks or soes a outside company make them for you adn then you just put your name on them

3/21/10 12:12 AM

Dave said

Are any, or all, of the Bauer Nike helmets Thiuram-free. After 45 years of playing, I'm now allergic to the thiuram rubber accelerant used in my present helmet. I want my next 45 years to be more comfortable than the eight months it took to figure this out.

3/29/10 7:08 PM

Kevin Dugal said

I see that Bauer does not offer green as a stock color. Is there any way my local retailer can aquire a green helmet through a Bauer rep without a full custom order of 15+ helmets?

4/5/10 4:44 PM

Justin said

My helmet broke and I am waiting for the new Bauer helmet, is it worth waiting for or should I buy the 9500?

4/10/10 3:32 PM

Tristan Ashbrook said

When will we be able to buy the new Bauer TotalOne skate?

4/15/10 10:52 PM

milan said

hey whats up i was just wondering when the bauer 9900 helmet is going to come out i bee waiting for a long time

4/28/10 6:59 AM

James said

I have Supreme One05's at the moment in size 10, but i want to order some Vapor XVI's in 10.5, will they fit?

4/30/10 10:27 AM

Brad said

When will the one total limited editions be available to order?

5/12/10 6:54 PM

Kellen said

Is there any info on the release of a total one or one100 stick?

5/27/10 1:17 PM

Randon said

Hey, i was wondering if there was any where i could pick up a prostock total one stick???

6/3/10 2:41 PM

Christian said

When i order my custom stick next to they bauer logo it says "my" when the stick comes will that blue "my" be on the shaft?

6/17/10 4:28 PM

Jack said

Is Bauer still producing Vapor XXXX Pro Nylon gloves? If so, where can you buy them?

7/26/10 4:39 PM

michael said

hi when does the bauer total 1 stick come out

8/17/10 10:58 AM

Matt said

When will the total one stick and the one 100 stick be avalible ?

8/27/10 11:37 AM

Peter said

when will the bauer total one stick be in stores?

9/30/10 5:39 PM

trevor said

where can i get or order bauer pro stock sticks?

10/4/10 12:37 PM

Riley said

Hi, I was just wondering when the new Total One Stick comes out, because i would very much like to buy one.

10/5/10 4:25 PM

Lars said

IS there a difference between one 95s and X40's size wise?

10/6/10 8:42 PM

Ryan said

Was wondering if the Bauer Flexlite 44 was a good beginner hockey skate. And what it was comparable to in the new Flexlite line.

12/1/10 11:04 PM

Cam said

I am looking to get a new mask, currently using the itech nv7 fit 3 , looking at the 960 mask although it is too small. is there anyway of getting this mask custom fit around the chin area?

12/8/10 8:54 PM

greg said

I saw a nhl player wearing total one gloves. When are they coming out? Also where can i find vapor xxxx's that just say bauer.

12/20/10 7:15 PM

Michael said

when are the total one gloves coming out? also where can someone get the xxxx vapor gloves that just say bauer on them and not nike bauer?

1/10/11 3:17 AM

Dayle said

Why don't the australian Total One skates come with the same fusion blades as the american version?

1/26/11 9:42 PM

erik said

Does the new line of vapor sticks come out w/ the Vapor APX's in april?

2/7/11 8:15 PM

Ralph said

When will the bauer totalone gloves come out

2/8/11 2:14 PM

Brian said

Do you guys have any information on when the APX skates will come out?

2/10/11 6:34 AM

duc said

im currently using the bauer one100 size 5.5ee would a pair of ls fusions size 6 runners fit?

2/20/11 11:37 AM

stacie coviello said

i just bought vapor x40 can you tell me if there is differnce in e and ee. guy at store said there was no differnce. thx

3/3/11 9:19 PM

skittz said

i wear a bauer 5500 helmet in xs what would i wear in the 7500

4/1/11 1:55 PM

Alex said

I have recently broken my one piece nike bauer XXXX on the blade, can I cut it and make it a two-piece stick?

5/19/11 7:14 PM

Vu said

Are you going to discontinue the Bauer Vapor X:40's and X:60's Equipment + Skates since the APX Skate Series came out or are you still going to continue making them? I'm hope you guys don't because I love the Vapor X:40 and the X:60 and you still got people who love them!

6/11/11 6:56 PM

irish kid 1 said

i need help im looking to buy a pair of bauer reflex and i was wondering how to fin what size i need

7/1/11 6:30 PM

michael said

hey im going to buy the bauer vapor x60 limited edition skates they're size 6 senior ,but i was wondering is 150 a good price for the skates they have been used for a season? and i play bantam aa what price range should i pay for skates thanks

8/23/11 7:28 AM

ROB said


9/17/11 8:56 PM

TJ said

Looking to purchase youth skates for a newer mite player. If Bauer Vapor runs narrower than Supreme, would the EE width be an option if I found a great deal?

9/17/11 11:30 PM

Jonny said

Hey, I am interested on ordering a set of goalie pads, glove and a blocker. How long would it take to ship it to the Eastern part of Canada? How long for a custom stick? Thanks

10/5/11 4:01 AM

Geoff said

I want to switch from my Bauer Supreme One95's back to a pair of Vapors like I've always had. Would the EE width I use on my Supremes be recommended on a pair of the Vapor APX line?

10/6/11 8:06 PM

James Ellison said

Can Total One's be punched without compromising the integrity of the skate? My 16UA son has a bone growth above his arch and below his ankle that is pressing on the skate and causing significant pain.

10/17/11 2:50 AM

Daniel said

Why has the Total One skates in Germany not the LS FUSION blades? You only can buy it with the LS 2.1 blade.
Why that?

10/26/11 5:35 PM

Vu said

I got a question? about hockey equipment I want to get. I play defence, but I'm looking for a nice light, long lasting, good protection, mobile chest, elbow pads, etc. I was planning to get the Bauer Pro Series Equipment vs the Bauer Vapor X:40. Which ones should I get? And the pros and cons for each set.

10/26/11 5:36 PM

Vu said

I got a question? about hockey equipment I want to get. I play defence, but I'm looking for a nice light, long lasting, good protection, mobile chest, elbow pads, etc. I was planning to get the Bauer Pro Series Equipment vs the Bauer Vapor X:40. Which ones should I get? And the pros and cons for each set.

11/6/11 7:17 PM

Paul said

Hello, I'm looking for info/specs on the vapor LTX pro skate. Where can I find this? Also looking to see the difference between this skate and x30, x40, etc...thanks!

11/7/11 3:56 AM

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gmail said

Is there going to be a apx skate limited edition ....

12/21/11 9:29 PM

Ben Peters said

I was wondering where i could find itech gear because it is cheaper even though it is owned by the same company and i play ball hockey and i don't want anything too expensive

12/29/11 12:58 AM

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2/20/12 5:47 PM

Leo Watson said

What is the difference in pro stock apx skates vs stock apx skates?

3/11/12 11:29 AM

Joe said

Is there any way to order custom player gloves

8/25/12 7:17 PM

Grant said

I have a pro stock malkin stick that i just broke in the blade is it possible that i could order a custom stick with the 0373-15 pattern

9/21/12 8:43 PM

Kate said

How much does it cost to order a whole case of sticks? How do you go about ordering a case of sticks?

9/26/13 5:21 PM

John said

91/2 DA +9 I bought used pro skates vapor 6 they got great and have this writing inside on the sizing - what is DA +9 ?

10/29/13 7:31 PM

Omar said

I Really want to order a custom stick on the my bauer page but apparently bauer only ship to USA and Canada but I live in the United Kingdom. Is there any way I can order a stick and have it shipped to the UK, if not can you please make it possible