Bauer Q & A

Thanks for all the questions on the blog. Please keep them coming and we'll get to them as soon as we can. Thanks.

1. Brent: When are the Bauer branded ONE95 sticks going to be made available for retail stores?

The Bauer branded ONE95 sticks are currently available in retail stores. Check out the Dealer Locator to find the store closest to you. Thanks.

2. Bill: Wondering if and when the new Supreme TotalOne skate will be available in Junior sizes?

The Supreme TotalONE skates will not be offered in Junior sizes. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the Supreme ONE100 is offered in Junior sizes.

3. Ray: I just got the Supreme ONE60 and I want to know if I can bake them so they can mold to my feet faster.

Yes, the ONE60 is thermoformable. We recommend taking them to your local retailer so they can properly bake them for the proper amount of time.

4. Mike: Do you guys have James van Riemsdyk as an athlete because he uses all Bauer gear?

Yes, James van Riemsdyk is a Bauer athlete.

5. Kory: Does the 9900 helmet come in single color blue (like the 9500) or do I have to have the blue/grey color?

Yes, the 9900 helmet is available in single colors, including blue.

For all questions regarding Bauer's stick recall please visit the Bauer Stick Recall Page or call 888-734-0443. Thanks.

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5/5/10 3:51 PM

Willson said

I was wondering if I would be able custom order a pair of 4-rolls or it would be great for you guys to get a glove customizer??

5/5/10 6:23 PM

nick said

hey i was just wanted to know when the totalone stick is coming out? thanks

5/5/10 7:28 PM


@ Nick- The new Supreme stick will be released in October of this year. Thanks.

5/6/10 7:33 PM

Mike said

who is an athlete that you can not offord to lose

5/7/10 12:19 PM

cc said

can you get the 9900 helmet in black and orange???

5/7/10 5:17 PM

Hunter said

i was wondering when the Bauer junior total one stick was coming out and when it would be on my bauer also how much it would be to customize it

5/8/10 2:57 PM

Skippy said

Yeah, a glove customizer would be fantastic. Everybody on my team would totally get a Bauer customized glove. 4-Roll or X:60 would be most popular but the Supreme ONE95's would be good to I guess.

5/8/10 9:33 PM

mike said

Bauer Supreme ONE100 is basically the same skate as the Bauer Total One, except the the Tongue, the fusion runner and the Vented holes right? mainly wondering if the boot is the same

5/9/10 9:37 AM

Jimmy said

Do you have plans for a glove customizer? you could make a killing selling them not through a retailer.

5/9/10 12:41 PM

Todd Gray said

I posted a comment earlier on the Bauer XXXX pants being of poor quality in the material.Does anyone else have an issue with their pants

5/9/10 6:48 PM

Brad said

I was wondering if there is going to be a totalone hockey stick. If so, when?

5/9/10 8:43 PM

Dave said

Painting helmets: I wanted to know what is the rule/policy on painting hockey helmets? I was told it voids the warranty. Is this true?

5/9/10 10:31 PM

Trent said

I was wondering it bauer will be coming out with one 100 protective and when

5/11/10 9:22 AM

Claudine said

Can you get extra padding for the inside of the Bauer 9500?

5/11/10 2:03 PM

Michael Larson said

I have two different size feet (one size 14, one size 11-1/2) because of a birth defect. I have always just worn a bigger skate on my smaller foot. I am now in high school hockey and need a better fitting pair of skates. Does Bauer Co. offer anything that would help me get two sizes of skates that would work for me. I have been told at sporting goods stores that you cannot wear two different size skates because of the blade differences between the two size skates. Any help would be appreciated.

5/11/10 2:56 PM

daniel Reitzenstein said

i want to get some nice new shin guards but protection is my prime concern. when it comes to nike shins, is there any protection level difference between the jr and sr 12" and 13" or is it just length?

5/11/10 7:35 PM

Darren said

Hey. I've just purchased a pair of flexlite 4.0 skates. Can you or can you not "bake" them to mould them to your foot shape? I have a hard time getting skates to fit comfortably...

5/12/10 8:29 AM

Chilok said


5/12/10 2:33 PM

Kelly said

When will the replacement blade for the Total Supreme be available?

5/13/10 1:20 PM

Andrew said

you should definetly have a glove customizer and when is the new vapor stick coming out?

5/13/10 7:14 PM

Vin said

When will Lundqvist model goalie sticks be available? I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

5/14/10 9:43 AM

bill floyd said


5/14/10 10:46 AM

bill floyd said


5/14/10 8:11 PM

James said

will the totalone stick be released before next season?

5/14/10 8:12 PM

James said

will the totalone stick be released before next season?

5/15/10 10:49 AM

Chris Bujaki said

Hey, i broke a stick about 15 days after i bought it, where do i send the stick? i have the warrenty and everything needed.

5/15/10 5:17 PM

alex said

I was wondering which skate I should buy. Either the TotalOne the X60 or the one100

5/16/10 2:47 PM

Mark said

What flex (or equivalent flex) do the stock one100 goal pads come with?

5/17/10 12:38 AM

Glen said

When they are made available, will the TotalONE stick essentially be the same as the One100 stick? In terms of the aesthetic look and feel?
Thank you.

5/17/10 7:49 AM

Bonnie Leimgardt said

I was wondering we are looking for the Bauer one one hundred skate in size 6D and cannot fined it anywhere in the TO and Barrie area, can you help us out

5/17/10 8:20 AM

Andy Sterk said

My son uses a Hudler Pro Stock stick with an 87flex can't find another one anywhere. Looked in the states and sports stores in our area Vaughan,On. Can we order any from Bauer directly.

5/17/10 9:44 AM

Joffrey said

I want conatct your customer service but I leave in France can you give me a mail adress to buy one 100 set and sticks custom?

5/19/10 8:08 AM

Brian said

I currently use One35 skates and was considering buying the One60's. Would you consider the One60's a better skate?

5/19/10 2:05 PM

Brad said

Is there such thing as a Nike Bauer Vapor 29 skate? If so, how do I see a picture of these as I can't find a picture of them on the site?

5/19/10 3:17 PM

Scott said

The Bauer stick recall is a joke. This company has no interest in their customers and could care less about the product they put into market. Three weeks without anything back from the company and they still don't know what's going on. Not bad for a company that put poison in the hands of kids to go play with. Reebok is looking better and better.

5/19/10 7:32 PM

Stephan said

My kid hockey team all were 9500 navy/white helmet. We are unable to find one, any sugestion ?

5/21/10 9:36 AM

mark said

How does one know which face shield fits with which helmet??

5/22/10 9:55 AM

matt said

how much will the bauer total one stick cost for junior?

5/23/10 12:32 PM

Scott miller said

How do I clean my white bauer 4 roll gloves?

5/23/10 12:33 PM

Scott miller said

How do I clean my white bauer 4 roll gloves?

5/23/10 12:43 PM

matthew said

where can i get clothing like sweaters and stuff like that from bauer?

5/23/10 4:09 PM

sl hill said

bought supreme one70 shin pads for my son last season. Now plastice pieces that go over knees are cracked on each shin pad. Terrible product and costly for a high school student. Anyone else having same problem. Would like to contact Bauer directly but unable to find address.

5/24/10 12:02 PM

Norm said

Scott said:
"The Bauer stick recall is a joke. This company has no interest in their customers and could care less about the product they put into market. Three weeks without anything back from the company and they still don't know what's going on. Not bad for a company that put poison in the hands of kids to go play with. Reebok is looking better and better."
I too had to wait longer than expected (3 weeks). I'm not a Bauer apologist but, they are back logged with phone calls from people trying to find out if their stick has been recalled, when the list is right there to see. Also, some other issues.
To many this os no excuse, and I understand.
Remember that you will be upgraded to their top end stick. I can't think of any other company I've dealt with, that has done something like that. Usually it's replaced with equal or lesser value, or some future rebate on another purchase.
I suspect your stick will arrive shortly, and after a bit you will be satisfied.

Just my $.02

5/24/10 3:37 PM

Matt said

Did you test the nike bauer V2 and the V1 junior yet?

5/24/10 8:26 PM

Jack said

What is your pattern for the p9

5/25/10 6:47 PM

nick said

hey bauer i am going to buy my self the new total one skates...but before i do i was just wondering...will you be coming out with team colors like you did the the 0ne95s?

5/25/10 6:49 PM

nick said

sorry i dont mean the one95 skates but i mean the team color sticks

5/27/10 4:04 PM

brett dudar said

i ordered a custum one95 and when a purchased it it just took me back to the home page how do i know if it worked.

5/27/10 9:31 PM

Aaron Carmichael said

Is the p14 curve going to be a retail sometime soon? some proshops carry it but none near me.

5/27/10 10:11 PM

Olivier Jardine said

Are you working on a Total-One stick? If so when will the Total-One stick be released?

5/28/10 2:12 PM

Colin said

Will the Bauer one100 skates fit similar to the Bauer one95's or one75's?

Ie: Do they have the same boot construction since they are both Bauer Supreme skates?

6/1/10 2:48 PM

danny nogaski said

on the 4 roll gloves if you click on sizing it says'' make to order'' does that mean custom colors

6/1/10 3:10 PM

mathieu said

Are you going to come out with a new bauer supreme total one series

6/1/10 3:31 PM

Dave said

Stick Recall - When am I going to get my replacement stick? The original stick was returned more than a month ago and I hear today that the replacements are on backorder with no delivery date scheduled. I was originall told it would take 2-5 days!

6/2/10 9:44 AM

carson said

what is the 200$ differance between the supreme ONE100 and the totalONE skates...

7/22/10 4:55 PM

Vanessa said

Why are the Supreme TotalONE skates not offered in Junior sizes?
I am an adult but I only wear 5.5 as I am female. I always want the top of the line skate when it comes out so I am so upset that I cannot wear this one. Sad

7/29/10 9:21 AM

mike said

Do you make a Supreme LTX, I just purchased a pair for my son but cannot find any info online. I purchased them at a respected store. But curious as to if i paid too much. MSRP 199.99cdn i paid 159.99 but just cannot find any supreme model like it. Does it exist it almost looks like a supreme 60 help me please.

8/1/10 3:43 PM

rich said

i just purchase x20 skates for my son and the toe cap is coming apart from skate blade holder

8/3/10 2:17 PM

Nate said

Can you put a glove customizer on the website for 4-roll gloves because it is hard to find the right color of them

8/6/10 8:37 PM

Ray said

Is Bauer removing the p10 curve permanently or just for mybauer? Because i just got an x60 with a "Wheeler" p10 curve on it and love it. Just wondering if it's just for mybauer the p10 isnt an option or if bauer will make the p10 for retail

8/9/10 11:01 PM

Rainer said

Will there be Another Bauer X:60 le Skate be released this year? If so when?

8/15/10 9:34 PM

Jordan said

What is the approximate release date of the TotalOne stick coming out?

8/20/10 4:53 PM

Nicholas said

Hey i was wondering if bauer released the x60 LE in junior sizes. Thanks

8/21/10 11:01 PM

Robin said

Hi, I have a question that i cant quite figure out, i have tried the one95 goalie pads and loved them, that is the difference between the one 95 and the new one100, will they be close in feel?

8/24/10 6:09 PM

Ryan said

its been 2 weeks since i sent my stick in and nothing back this is horrible service

8/31/10 4:54 PM

matt said

When is all the total one gear coming out?

9/1/10 12:30 PM

James said

I just got the flex 3.0 skates. Can they be baked?

9/6/10 10:58 AM

David said

I was wondering which Bauer skates (Vapor or Supreme) would be better for athletes with flat feet?

9/15/10 3:18 PM

Ben said

Will you have a stick customizer for the new totalOne stick when it comes out? Thanks :)

10/8/10 6:32 PM

max said

when can u customize the total one stick online?

10/19/10 6:22 PM

ian jones said

what address do i send sticks on the bauer stick recall to

10/21/10 9:43 PM

max said

how much money would i get from the one 90 recall refund?

10/26/10 10:27 PM

Brian said

Is it safe to bake the Bauer x55 goalie glove in a skate over to break it in easier?

11/1/10 7:53 AM

Alex said

When is the total one goalie stick coming out?

11/2/10 8:58 PM

Hunter said

Hi I just revived a bauer total one and i am in love with it but im not sure if this is the stick for me because i heard that the x60 is for players who are snipers and like to take slap shots but i am stuck. I take mostly wrist shots and few slap shots. which stick is best for me x60 or total one

11/18/10 2:05 AM

The Dude said

My old Bauer Supreams 3000 haave about had it. What current skate is the closest to it in fit, feel and function?

11/21/10 4:33 PM

Keith J said

What are the main difference between the One100 LE and One60 LE skates? Thanks.

11/21/10 8:36 PM

Karan said


12/11/10 12:30 PM

Greg said

I was wondering if i could oder a pair of bauer 4 rolls... but a customized pair or should I contact a bauer Rep. that I know

12/13/10 10:42 PM

Miles Brady said

when does the next vapor stick come out/

12/15/10 12:43 PM

DJ said

Is there any way I can order a Bauer 4500 helmet in forest green? I found a Reebok helmet in forest green, but I want to stick with Bauer.

12/18/10 10:08 AM

brad said

P10 is a very popular stick, i have bought 5 over past 4 yrs (Bauer ID and My Bauer) - how can I get more made?

12/21/10 6:12 AM

drake said

do they make the totalone skate in jr sizes

12/21/10 6:12 AM

drake said

do they make the totalone skate in jr sizes

1/3/11 8:13 PM

Josh said

Can you Custom Paint the Bauer 9900 helmet? mine is just black i wanted to paint the curve around the ears thing red, is that possible?

1/4/11 2:59 PM

Martin said

Have you put Johan Hedberg,Matti Tenneby,and Travis Zajac as Bauer athletes because they all use Bauer gear.

1/9/11 7:58 PM

Ryan said

Will the new vapor line be called the APX? if so will it be the last in the vapor line?

1/18/11 12:57 PM

Kim Atwood said

My son is a goalie and has started having eczema on his cheeks since he has purchased a new goalie helmet. Has anyone else experienced this and what have they done to treat it. My doctor thinks a liner that will wick away the moisture should help. Do they even make such a thing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

1/20/11 2:45 PM

pj said

I was wondering if i could buy a stick off a different website thats on the recall list and send it into you guys and get a new one back or do i have to own the stick from a different time?

1/28/11 1:28 AM

Brad said

i recently seen a pair of your one 80 le goalie skates and cant find any info on them are they out for sale would like more info on these they look fn awsome

2/1/11 3:32 PM

Matthew said

Yeah I think you guys should also make a glove customizer. Thanks

2/5/11 11:40 AM

bobby said

if i break my X:60 stick out of warranty should i still send it in?

2/22/11 5:41 PM

Darlene Kranenborg said

Contact Bauer today in regards to my son's Total One stick imploding and snapping. They didn't care. Understand warranty & policy but asked for some guidance of who we could get to look at this stick. If it does this to my 16 year old how can you possible advertise for this stick for Juniors, WHL's and NHL's??? Bauer your customer service is appalling.

2/24/11 7:11 PM

Steele said

Will Bauer be coming out with a new vapor stick any time soon?

3/18/11 10:43 AM

john said

What old Bauer hockey stick - composite - started with an A. (Full name is???)

4/12/11 9:24 PM

Jennifer said

My son saved up his money to buy the x60 gloves today. He has only had them for a couple hours and has never played hockey in them but already the grips on the tips of the fingers are falling off. Is this a common defect? I would bring them back but Sportchek is an hour and a half away from our home so its not so easy to do this. He paid 139.99 for these gloves so i am very surprised and disappointed that they are falling off. What can I do about these gloves? Thank you for your time.

4/22/11 2:09 PM

Hunter said

When is the APX skates coming out for Junior sizes?

4/22/11 2:12 PM

Hunter said

When are the APX skates coming out for juniors?

7/4/11 9:07 AM

noah said

Bauer, I love your company but I really think you should make the apx and totalone skates in junior sizes. I'm at a pretty high level and like top of the line skates but theres no apx or totalone skates in a size 5.5. Please consider making the apx or totalone skates in a junior size. Thank you for your time.

8/20/11 3:03 PM

ChedBabyChed21 said

I would like to buy a pair of gloves but no store has the right colours could you come out with a glove customizer soon please?

8/22/11 9:09 AM

Andrew said

hi i was wondering if the bauer vapor v2 junior stick is in the bauer recall

8/25/11 8:52 PM

matt said

how do you clean white 4 rolls

9/12/11 8:00 PM

Matt said

I want to buy a pair of TotalOne skates and wonder about the fit because I may do mail order. If I wear an 8EE in a Supreme 7000, would I wear the same size in the TotalOne? Or do they fit differently? If so, how? Thanks.

9/18/11 9:05 AM

Mary Spacone said

Does Bauer make a One100 LE Junior goalie skate?

10/3/11 9:06 PM

Matthew Lunder said

can you get the one100 LE goalie skate in junior?

10/7/11 1:12 PM

conor said

when will the apx stick be available for customization?

11/28/11 5:47 PM

Jordan said

When do the new APX shin guards come out?

11/30/11 8:03 PM

adam leal said

How much are the total one hockey gloves?

2/21/12 10:30 AM

Curtis said

Will the total one goalie stick be available to the public or just at the pro level ? Iv noticed Bauer sent out some 7500 goalie sticks to some stores this past week and they have sold like crazy , I bought a couple and it is by far the best stick I have ever used

3/25/12 2:52 PM

Smith said

Is there going to be new skates coming out? (new One100s?)