Two Styles, Infinite Stopping Power

If you haven't noticed yet, there is a new feature here on for all the goalies out there. Ever wonder if you should use the Supreme or RX goal gear? Well, now you can find out all there is know about both lines.

Click on the image below to start learning about all the features and benefits and listen to the Bauer product team explain and show you how to get the most out of your gear! Whether you play a butterfly style or a hybrid style, we've provided information that can help your game. Check it out!


Posted By: Bauer Hockey


4/3/11 12:48 PM

mike said

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any cracking of the knee cap on the Bauer One75 shun guards? My 13 year old son has had 2 set of these this year and both experienced a crack in the knee cap. I was thinking of trying the Vapor X60 model and was looking to hear if anyone has had the same issue with this model. Not sure if shin guards have any warranty? Thoughts would be appreciated.

4/3/11 5:00 PM

Emil said

Hi! was just wondering if you can make a video of the new bauer pro chest protector, like the video you made with the pads and the gloves in the supreme series. I would like to see both how it looks with jersey and without /Goalie

4/7/11 12:31 AM

Johnico said

As a former goaltender, I can definitely appreciate where Bauer is coming from with two different styles of equipment. Having your equipment specially made for your style of play is extremely important. Especially if you are getting to the higher level of competition. I just wish this was developed as I was moving up the ranks over 20 years ago! Good job Bauer!

4/11/11 1:15 AM

Maki said

I had the same thing happen to me so i went to the supreme95's and they are doing good. I have a buddy whos x60s cracked pretty quick. And yes i got my one75s warranty.

4/11/11 10:47 PM

Jay said

Can someone tell me why the TotalOne line of protective gear is not on this site - was the line pulled?

4/14/11 2:33 AM

Rick said

Is it possible to get replacement laces like those issued with the One100LE and X60LE? My apologies for cross posting as I already posted this in March but I guess it makes more sense to put it in here.

4/21/11 1:15 PM

paul said

i just would like to know why bauer web site dont have anything with the referee/official. i am a player and also official. i now other officials would like to see the stuff you guys make for us..

4/21/11 6:17 PM

tamer said

Hi, I'm in turkey supreme Supreme ONE60 Glove want to get one set of 60 series sholder you that would like to take all protective thanks :)

4/24/11 2:07 AM

Nathan Rascoe said

I'm switching all my gear2 Bauer

4/24/11 12:09 PM

Norm said

Just wondering if there's any way to re-paint/re-color goalie pads (One75SE)
PAint is coming off and want to touch them up.

Thanks for any help.

4/26/11 10:33 AM

chris said

Does Stamkos really use the same blade of the sticks with his name on it in the store or is it different?

4/30/11 10:33 AM

Nick said

hey i love these pads i want to get them but my dad wont let me

5/24/11 4:22 PM


Will Bauer be releasing a new line of goalie gear for the 2011/2012 season? Im sure every other Bauer goalie is wondering the same thing! totalONE perhaps? vapor xxxx?

7/11/11 4:19 PM

duncan said

what is the differant in rx6 and rx8

7/12/11 9:54 PM

michael said

I have a question I am about to buy a new set of bauer RX 8 limited pads ,glove and blocker . My question, is there a difference is size between the RX8 and the RX10 in both glove and pads. if anyone can answer this it would greatly help me decide

11/5/11 4:30 AM

peuterey uomo said

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11/11/11 5:58 PM

Mike said

Can't believe your skates are made in China? My son has been wearing them for the past 10 years, and I just looked inside a new pair of X5.0's and saw the China tag? Do you really need more profit? Shame on your company....Shame.Gee, will you post this?

11/21/11 3:45 PM

Larry Hillman said

Last Dec I purchased the Black with gold highlight Vapor X Gloves for my son. After half a season and Fall League, The entire Left palm is gone. Now I'm told that this $80.00 glove will cost me an additional $50.00 to re-palm it. I've never seen a glove do this before. I'm not very happy and future purchases of Bauer equipment for my son and my teams, will depend on the response I receive.

Larry H.

5/10/12 1:53 AM

emil said