Bauer Hockey recently unveiled its latest and most innovative products for the 2013 back-to-hockey season at the company's annual Bauer World event. During the week-long event, leading retailers from around the world were able to see and experience the newest BAUER gear, including BAUER's latest VAPOR lines of skates, new team apparel and a new line of goalie equipment.

"Our engine of innovation continues to exceed expectations with game-changing technologies and safety advancements that better protect players and raise overall player performance," said Kevin Davis, President and CEO of Bauer Performance Sports. "Following a 12 percent increase in our Holiday order file, the products we are delivering for the back-to-hockey season once again address the ever-changing needs and demands of our consumers and customers."

Bauer World brings together more than 400 retailers from around the globe to unveil the latest in product and apparel, as well as offer educational information on the new technologies included in the gear. Retailers are fitted and offered the chance to use the unreleased product on the ice before it is put on their shelves in stores.

In addition to unveiling new products, Bauer Hockey also launched several key corporate initiatives including plans to grow hockey participation by 1 million new players by 2022 and increase safety awareness, a new brand marketing campaign and its entrance into the growing jersey market following the recent acquisition of Inaria International, a complete team uniform supplier.

"Bauer World provided us with not only an in-depth look at the new 2013 product line up, but also a view of Bauer's plans moving forward, and after the event, there's no doubt they are unlike anyone in the industry," said John Kobar of Adrenalin Source for Sports in Calgary. "From the first-class roll out of the new products to their ability to deliver the entire package to retailers and consumers, we are excited about our future business with Bauer Hockey."

Product highlights from Bauer World include:

BAUER VAPOR SKATE LINE: Led by the revolutionary BAUER VAPOR APX2 skate, the new BAUER VAPOR line of skates provides a whole new level of performance, speed and comfort. The BAUER VAPOR APX2 skate features a new 'trigger' release in a TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE holder which allows players to change out dull or broken steel blades in seconds. This elite-level skate also features X-RIB construction utilizing CURV® composite technology, an innovative new lacing system and an ultra soft three-piece tongue to prevent lace bite.

NEW BAUER HELMET LINE: The BAUER IMS 11.0, IMS 9.0 and IMS 7.0 were unveiled and are the culmination of combined technologies from Bauer Hockey and Cascade Sports. The IMS 11.0 and IMS 7.0 feature Seven Technology and are designed to more effectively manage high and low direct energy transfers. The BAUER IMS 11.0 also features PORON® XRD™ for additional impact management and enhanced comfort. The IMS 9.0 features Vertex and PORON XRD for greater protection against linear energy impacts and uses the same shell as the BAUER RE-AKT for consumers that prefer a lower profile look with more aggressive styling.

BAUER TEAM APPAREL: As a result of the company's recent acquisition of Inaria International, an announcement following Bauer World, BAUER will expand its line of team apparel to include everything from jerseys and bags to warm-up suits and training apparel. With uniforms and expanded team apparel offerings, BAUER will now be able to offer a new and unique one-stop shopping opportunity for organizations ranging from youth associations to AAA and professional teams. By expanding into a full service provider, BAUER delivers convenience and consistent branding to a traditionally fragmented market.

REACTOR GOALIE PROTECTIVE: The newly re-invented REACTOR line of goal equipment brings back the tradition of quality and performance that made the original series a success more than a decade ago. Built from the inside out based on the needs of the most elite goalies, the new REACTOR series allows BAUER to service more goalies than ever before, by adding a new family of product to its already-successful line of SUPREME product. The SUPREME series supports a more traditional or defensive style of goaltending while the new REACTOR series responds to the demands of a more aggressive 'battlefly' style of goaltending requiring a softer, lighter, more responsive pad.

Posted By: Bauer Hockey


10/22/12 3:14 PM

Ryan said

Release Date? Will winners of the contest recieve APX2's instead of APX's and Ims 11.0's Instead of Re-Akt's?

10/27/12 12:52 AM

Ricky said

Is this really for butterfly goalies or for hybrid and is the totalone better

10/27/12 12:53 AM

Ricky said

And if I win the contest will I reserve the totalone or REACTOR

2/23/13 10:20 AM

Kelvin Lee said

Any chance any products will come back and be Made in Canada? My recent purchases; Eagle blue x95 gloves, Warrior rd/blk/wht Franchise gloves, Eagle black x88 pants, Warrior blue Hustler pants, Graf 735 skates, Reebok 11K skates and now Reebok 20K skates. Next up, looking for Eagle or Warrior hockey bags.