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Posted By: Bauer Hockey


4/17/12 10:25 AM

David said

Does anyone carry flexlite skates in Chicago? Neither gunzos or total hockey has them.

4/17/12 8:13 PM

Karen Leigh Medo said

Dear Bauer -
My son, Sam, is a 13 year old Bantam and has been skating in Bauer gear for 8 years. Sam was born with a club foot which was corrected with surgery, but for the last 3 years, we have had to buy two pairs of different size skates because their is a full size difference between his left foot and his right. He needs an 8 on his left foot and a 9.5 on his right. Right now he is skating on Vapor 7.0 and likes them, but might be interested in the Totalone. Do you ever have a mismatched set that we could purchase so that we don't have to buy two pair? It would be a huge help! Thanks!

4/18/12 4:58 PM

chh said

I recently aquired these skates and was wonder from mid to stiff to x stiff obviosly the composite gets stiffer but is one supposed to be better for a longer stride shorter stride ect?

4/30/12 7:55 PM

tristan said

when is the stick coming out???????