Keep an eye on John Carlson, Karl Alzner and Troy Brouwer tonight in Game 6 between the Capitals and the Rangers if you want to see the new NEXUS stick in action! The NEXUS stick will be in stores June 15th!

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Posted By: Bauer Hockey


5/14/12 11:14 PM

Lenny said

Will the nexus stick be available on the My Bauer website? If so, when?

5/14/12 11:16 PM

levi thiessen said

um really guys how you guys make the best stuff and i would love if you guys would spuner me pleases and thank you if u do?

5/27/12 7:42 PM

grady o'bryan said

will their be a totalone nxg hockey stick

6/16/12 8:07 PM

kolt said

I saw the nexus when i got new gloves and it looked good and was amazed by how cheap it was wich is good I REALLY HOPE it is on my bauer

6/17/12 12:03 PM

Frenchie said

Will it be available on MY Bauer?