We've made a couple of changes to our blade pattern names. The P12 is now the 'GIROUX' and the P89 is now the 'EBERLE'.

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Posted By: Bauer Hockey


5/9/12 7:59 PM

jacobswyer said

when i go on my bauer i dont got the new curves or i dont got ovechkin,eberle,seguin,staal,richards,kesler,giroux.

7/2/12 12:39 PM

James said

thats because you are in the junior, not intermidiate or senior but i don't get the ovechkin curve, because its in senior only, but i would like to have all curves in every category of junior intermidiate and senior.

12/8/12 12:42 PM

Jordan said

I'm a Defenceman but I'm torn on whether to get the P106 curve or the P02 curve. I want good slapshots but I'd rather keep them low rather than so high so I don't hit my own forwards in the head. If I get the P02 will I still be able to shoot it top corner if I please?

9/6/13 7:29 PM

Brandon said

I have the backstrom curve right now, and i love hitting topshelf. but i hate missing the net. my friends are telling me to get kane. (i am a play maker/scorer)

9/13/13 3:05 PM

CW said

P88 is the most popular by far p106 is better than p02 as p02 is a 7 lie most people use a 5.5.or 6 lie