One week from today, the new BAUER NEXUS gear will be in stores! NEXUS comes from hockey's core, linking past tradition with current technology, resulting in unequaled performance. Instilled in BAUER's DNA, the NEXUS family compliments the VAPOR and SUPREME lines by delivering products with a unique fit and feel that is deeply rooted in hockey authenticity. The addition of NEXUS allows BAUER to provide three distinct families across all products to meet the needs of every pure hockey player. NEXUS - elevating tradition with unmatched performance exceeding all expectations!

Posted By: Bauer Hockey


6/13/12 12:00 PM

Tyler Baloh said

Sick commercial. Thinking about getting a new twig for this upcoming season, but I cant really find a curve I am comfortable with.

11/27/12 3:24 PM

Sam Brown said

this beauty lumber's gonna snipe me a few ginos imma ring it off the iron bar down and celly hard. team nexus