At the 2012 NHL All-Star Game, we had artist David Arrigo paint a mural of the BAUER athletes selected to the 2012 NHL All-Star teams. Check out the video below to see a time lapse video of David painting the mural while we were in Ottawa.

The mural includes Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin, Claude Giroux, Tyler Seguin, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Henrik Lundqvist and Brian Elliott.

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7/24/12 4:00 PM

josh bauer said

when is the nexus gonna be customizable

7/26/12 12:54 AM

andy biondi said

The nexxus skates or the best looking skates ever made by any company. Great job bauer design team. Thank you for listening. They r so cool I want a poster to hang on my wall. They r retro, tough cool and my girlfriend also thinks they r hor looking. I know apx r popular but for me a bit too flashy. I love my bauer supreme 100s but want to divorce them simply because I am in love with these nexxus skates.....bauer pat yourself on the back. The hotest looking skate in history and tough enough to knock some teeth out.

7/27/12 10:44 AM

hani said

Hi, I placed an order for My custom NXG skates have yet to arrive. The order was placed on May 22. I have contacted the store that placed the order but I would like to contact bauer myself. who do I call ?


7/28/12 2:47 PM

danny whitters said

Bought both my sons (age 11 & 8) new Bauer hockey gear last august. My 11yo son got the One100 pants & shoulder pads, One20 skates, 7500 helmet. Very happy with quality & durability.
My 8yo son got the X30 shoulder, elbow, shin & pants. 7500 helmet. XII skates. I bought him the X30s as it is better than the entry level and was hoping to get 2 years use before he outgrows them. The pants were breaking down mid hockey season and needed stitching repair. The elbow pads plastic has broken thru the fabric.
I went back to the place of purchase mid season and was told they were out of warranty. I didn't like the answer, but accepted it at the time. These are not my first purchases of Bauer equipment, and the more I thought about it I wasn't pleased with the quality of the equipment. I contacted the Bauer warranty department and they offered to inspect the pants to see if they qualify, but the elbows have no warranty at all. I'm very disappointed in the resolution offered as I have been loyal to the Bauer brand, believing that the quality was better than other brands. Not any more. When I have to buy new gear this year I will not be buying Bauer, as they do not stand by their product quality.