VAPOR APX Limited Edition Stick

The new VAPOR APX Limited Edition stick will be in stores on January 17th! Get to your local retailer and Put The Game In Your Hands!

Vapor APX LE Stick

Posted By: Bauer Hockey


1/22/13 1:16 PM

jamer said

i just got 3 days ago and i love it. its amazing

1/26/13 10:52 PM

stuart said

I was disgusted today when i went to buy a pair of you're skates and discovered they are now made in China! When did you start outsourcing? I know i certainly wont buy any of you're products anymore as long as their made in China!

2/2/13 7:05 PM

Alex said

dissapointing that i cannot find this product in the p14 toews curve, is it even avaliable in that curve? would love to know, looking to buy my third apx, hoping i could buy this one.