Player Safety In Today's Game

We've had quite a few questions about the unfortunate injury to Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators last night.

Most people that have asked us about it are not aware that we manufacture a protective, cut-resistant Kevlar skate sock. While no product can protect a player 100% from injuries like these, it's important to educate players (and parents) that products like these do exist.

Bauer Elite Performance Skate Sock- BLOG

The Elite Performance skate sock features the maximum player protection available in a performance skate sock. As we mentioned, it has exclusive KEVLAR® brand fiber for cut resistant protection

The yellow cut resistant protection zones encompass the entire lower leg area: just below the knee, around the calf, at the Achilles heel and around the ankle and across top of foot.

The sock also features THERMO-MAX+ performance yarn technology which helps with anti-odor and moisture management.

At Bauer, we strive to make the player better and to keep them safe when they're on the ice. If you're looking for any more information regarding our Protective Base Layer, please visit the Gear Section.

For any questions or if you need to contact BAUER HOCKEY, please visit the CONTACT US PAGE.

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