The day has finally arrived! The new VAPOR APX2 stick is now available at your local retailer! Click the image below to start learning about the new stick that will help you Settle the Score!

APX2 Stick Blog.

Posted By: Bauer Hockey


9/17/13 5:25 PM

Michael Varabioff said

I can't get past the Operation Vapor part of the website. I just want to check out the skates.

9/22/13 5:49 PM

Alli said

how can i see where my order is? is there a way to check my MY bauer order status?

9/25/13 7:36 PM

Robin said

Is there going to be a new TotalOne Skate (post NXG)?

10/10/13 5:42 AM

loiol said

this sticks crazy awesome [i have it]