Stamkos on BAUER Sticks

Listen to Steven Stamkos, the leading goal scorer in the NHL, talk about his routines when it comes to his sticks, and why he likes to have the color red on his TotalONE NXG.

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Operation VAPOR

It's here. Operation VAPOR. VAPOR APX2. The secret will be revealed. 4-18-13.

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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Edge

The new BAUER TUUK Lightspeed Edge allows you to change your steel in seconds. The innovative trigger system allows players to change the steel without using wrenches or dealing with rivets, which means you no longer need to miss any playing time.

Click the image below to learn more about the new Lightspeed Edge holder.

Extra Steel Blog

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Player Safety In Today's Game

We've had quite a few questions about the unfortunate injury to Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators last night.

Most people that have asked us about it are not aware that we manufacture a protective, cut-resistant Kevlar skate sock. While no product can protect a player 100% from injuries like these, it's important to educate players (and parents) that products like these do exist.

Bauer Elite Performance Skate Sock- BLOG

The Elite Performance skate sock features the maximum player protection available in a performance skate sock. As we mentioned, it has exclusive KEVLAR® brand fiber for cut resistant protection

The yellow cut resistant protection zones encompass the entire lower leg area: just below the knee, around the calf, at the Achilles heel and around the ankle and across top of foot.

The sock also features THERMO-MAX+ performance yarn technology which helps with anti-odor and moisture management.

At Bauer, we strive to make the player better and to keep them safe when they're on the ice. If you're looking for any more information regarding our Protective Base Layer, please visit the Gear Section.

For any questions or if you need to contact BAUER HOCKEY, please visit the CONTACT US PAGE.

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Reimer Wearing New BAUER CONCEPT Mask

James Reimer started last night for the Toronto Maple Leafs and made 20 saves to lead them to a 3-2 win against Washington. In the game, Reimer wore the new BAUER CONCEPT goal mask. The new mask will be available in stores this April. You can learn more about his new paint design here.

Reimer Concept Mask

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VAPOR APX Limited Edition Stick

The new VAPOR APX Limited Edition stick will be in stores on January 17th! Get to your local retailer and Put The Game In Your Hands!

Vapor APX LE Stick

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UNH Hockey- On The Road

Check out a 'behind the scenes' look into the number one ranked UNH Wildcats recent road trip to the state of Colorado during Thanksgiving break. OWN THE MOMENT.

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Bauer Base Layer: featuring the Staal Brothers

BAUER Base Layer is Built For Hockey! Visit the BAUER BASE LAYER FEATURE to learn more about the new gear!

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The new BAUER PLAYER GEAR GUIDE is now available to download for your iPad, Android or to view online. You can now browse the entire line of BAUER products, compare fit, features and technical specs, watch in-depth product videos and more.

Click on the image below to start exploring the gear!

Player Gear Guide BLOG.

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Built for Performance, Built for Protection, Built for Hockey: BAUER BASE LAYER. Own The Moment! Learn more about the new base layer here.

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