VAPOR X 80 Shoulder

VAPOR X 80 Shoulder

  • Specs»

    Shoulder Cap: Thermoformed cap with PU foam

    Sternum: HD foam + PE insert

    Spinal: Mid-density foam + PE insert

    Front Side Panels: Mid-density inserts

    Back Kidney Panels: Mid-density inserts

    Bicep Guard: Molded thermoformed component

    Arch: HD foam

    Belly Pad: Removable mid-density foam


    Overall Fit: Tapered

    Dynamic Components: 1-Piece bicep guard and arch support

    Base Body: Multi segmented design

    Liner: Hydrophobic mesh

  • Sizes»
    Shoulder Senior [1043189]

    S, M, L, XL

    Shoulder Junior [1043190]

    S, M, L