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Players carry an extra stick, why not extra steel? Now you can change your steel in seconds, with the BAUER TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder that fits any BAUER skate. Play your best all game and always keep your edge.

See why quickly changing steel is about to change the game.

Learn how to change your steel in seconds and always play your best.

The innovative trigger system allows players to change steel in seconds. No rivets, wrenches or missed playing time.

Get lower in your turns, cutting sharper and tighter without fear of bottoming out on your skates.

Now 3mm higher, achieve a tighter turning radius and better angle of attack to get to the puck faster.

Customize your skate sharpening to the condition of the ice for maximum performance.

Change your steel in seconds. See how easy it is.

Hear what the pros say about the new movement in changing steel.

NHL equipment manager explains how this innovation helps everyone’s game.

See how different sharpenings can make a big difference in your play.

Keep your steel and your game sharp—every shift.

Explore the six easy steps to changing your steel in seconds and playing with confidence all game.

REMOVE: Align slot in the tool with runner.

REMOVE: Push metal tip under runner while pulling the trigger.

REMOVE: Hold the trigger and pry runner out with the tool.

INSTALL: Make sure the front hook is fully inserted.

INSTALL: Press the runner in by hand with use of a towel until you hear a click.
INSTALL: A D-shape on the trigger indicates the runner is secure.
LSE Holder


  • Features»

    Trigger removal system

    Increased height for tightest turns

  • Sizes»
    Senior Holder
    Junior Holder