As leaders in the sport, we have a responsibility to grow, advance and protect the game.

Launched in October 2012, Grow the Game is a global BAUER initiative to add 1 million new players to the game in 10 years.

At BAUER, developing world-class products starts with the player’s needs and continues with a multi-year commitment to comprehensive research. We believe that same approach is required to create meaningful solutions to grow the game.

In partnership with Hockey Canada, we explored why active, non-hockey families choose other sports over hockey. Through this research – and an understanding of the barriers to play – we can begin developing meaningful solutions designed to recruit new players into the sport.

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This fall begins a series of pilot programs designed to facilitate a fun and easy introduction to the game for kids ages 4-8 and their families. Launching in Ontario and Nova Scotia, we invite newcomers to discover joy in a game we believe they'll cherish now and for many years to come.

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