Doing our part to protect Medical Professionals

Bauer Medical Face Shield

It is our top priority to fill the orders of medical and emergency personnel, particularly those in close contact with the virus.

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This is a time that none of us has been experiencing before. Our sporting communities have always been team-first, understanding the importance of working together to accomplish a goal for the greater good. During this unprecedented time, our team isn’t just Bauer or Cascade/Maverik, it’s the global community. We’ve heard the needs for personal protective equipment from our medical professional and first responder friends and family members, and are determined to do our part in providing the support they need to do their jobs more safely.

The face shields are being made at Bauer’s research and development facility in Blainville, Quebec; and at Cascade/Maverik’s facility in Liverpool, New York. We’re leveraging our intra-company resources in order to produce and ship these face shields.

The shields are made from some of the same components which go into helmet visors. We’re sourcing all of the needed materials locally.

Our engineers across plants and companies video conferenced for a brainstorming session about how to help in this global crisis, settling on the idea of face shields. After four prototypes, which they turned around in a matter of days and were able to test through personal connections to medical personnel on the front lines, we settled on a model which we feel can be efficiently and safely produced.

Our face shields feature a Mylar shield, sized to fit over both large and small faces. The shields have a full-form brow for an ergonomic and comfortable fit, taking into account the long hours personnel need to wear them. The strap is made of elastic for easy on and off, and a one-size-fits-all fit. The shields are designed to be used in conjunction with masks and eyewear. Right now, the shields are single-use, but we’re working on a more permanent model.

We’re just as committed to the safety of each of our employees as we are to helping medical professionals, and we’re practicing social distancing at each of our plants. We’re also regularly sanitizing work stations and emphasizing the importance of proper and regular handwashing.

The first shipments will go to doctors and nurses in Canada with future distribution planned for United States. We’ve also received orders from first responders, and understand their need for personal protective equipment at this time as well.

We’ve already begun to send out small shipments, and both facilities hope to ramp up production capacity early next week with a production goal of tens of thousands each week.

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