The all-in-one PRODIGY hockey kit gives your child the protection they need, exactly where they need it.

Kit includes: Base layer, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, shin pads, and a jock/jill

ONe-piece top

Features a long sleeve base layer shirt, with integrated shoulder pad and elbow pads

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Prodigy Kit Product Top


Prodigy Kit Circle Shoulder Cap

Double density foam

for added protection


Prodigy Kit Circle Elbow Pad

Designed for

maximum mobility

Bicep Guard

Prodigy Kit Circle Shoulder Cap

Prodigy Kit Circle Bicep guard

Chest Protection

Prodigy Kit Circle Chest Protection

Reinforced foam inserts

ONe-piece bottom

Features a base layer pant, with integrated pants, shin guards, and jock/jill

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Shin Guards

Prodigy Kit Circle Shin Guards

Additional padding for

protection and comfort

Leg Zippers

Prodigy Kit Circle Leg Zippers

Can be adjusted for

added comfort and mobility


Prodigy Kit Circle Suspender Buttons

Suspenders can be added

for an optimal fit


Prodigy Kit Circle Universal System

Universal pocket fits

either a jock or jill

Prodigy Kit Product bottom
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