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The 2X PRO Goal Pad is made for the dynamic style goaltender who’s lightning quick. A full C.O.R.T.E.C.H. ST build will improve your sliding and rebound C.O.R. with an incredibly lightweight and flexible construction.

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2XPro Goal Pads

Vapor 2X PRO Catch Glove

The glove’s 60 degree break offers a full hand closure and an all-new cuff shape provides for a better range of motion. There’s also CURV Composite throughout the cuff and outer perimeter for improved durability.

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2XPro Catcher

Vapor 2X PRO Blocker

Send pucks flying out of the crease. The 2X Pro Blocker features a full one-piece construction which allows for better overall stability. CURV Composite through the blocking board and a C.O.R.T.E.C.H. ST improve rebound deflection to the corners.

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2XPro Blocker

Vapor 2X PRO Goalie Stick

Don’t just stop the puck, control the rebound like a pro. An all-new Textreme blade with Aeroform 3 core allows for better dampening while taking weight out of the stick. The paddle’s ACL construction assists with durability features.

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2XPro Goalie Stick

Vapor 2X PRO Goalie Skate

Defend the goal while optimizing your movement across the crease. Our top-of-the-line goal skate features a full CURV Composite Quarter, plus it utilizes LS5 steel to hold your edges longer.

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2XPro Skate