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1X Goal Skate

Lightweight, mobile and still protective—the VAPOR 1X goal skate is perfect for goalies who are quick on their feet. Designed to bring a new level of agility to the game’s most dynamic goalies.

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3mm extended facing allows the goalie to stay in attack position while adding more wrap for better overall fit.


You have to be locked, loaded and ready to attack when the puck gets near the crease. The Dynamic Tongue Flex molded insert gives goalies an edge by acting like a spring to move them forward into their stance.


The less weight on your feet, the more agile they can be. The Curv™ Composite Quarter and Composite Outsole on the VAPOR 1X goal skate reduces weight, increasing stiffness for better weight transfer and increased quickness.


Designed to make goalies more mobile, the Vertexx Edge holder is a goalie-specific holder that eliminates the cowling and adds extra height, giving it a superior attack angle. The added advantage of a removable steel that’s ready in an instant means quick goalies just got quicker.

Product Details

1X Goal Skate

  • 3-D anaformable Curv® composite boot with extended X Wrap on the eyelets
  • LOCK-FIT PRO liner
  • LS3G VERTEXX EDGE Goal Runner 3mm steel
  • Goalie-specific toe cap
  • Dynamic Flex pro felt tongue Dynamic Flex collar
  • Full composite outsole with ventilation VERTEXX EDGE Goalie Holder
  • Senior
    • 6–12.5, full and half; D, EE widths
  • Junior
    • 3–5.5, full and half; D, EE widths

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90 days from the consumer date of purchase

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