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Play With An Edge

Players carry an extra stick, why not extra steel? Now you can change your steel in seconds, skate your best all game and always keep your edge.

Change On The Fly

The innovative trigger system allows players to change steel in seconds. No rivets, wrenches or missed playing time.

NHL equipment manager explains how this innovation helps everyone’s game.

Keep Your Steel And Your Game Sharp—Every Shift


  1. Align slot in the tool with runner.
  2. Push metal tip under runner while pulling the trigger.
  3. Hold the trigger and pry runner out with the tool.


  1. Make sure the front hook is fully inserted.
  2. Press the runner in by hand with use of a towel until you hear a click.
  3. A D-shape on the trigger indicates the runner is secure.

Get Lower. Turn Sharper.

Now 3mm higher, get to the puck faster by angling lower in your turns, cutting tighter without bottoming out on your skates.

Steel For Any Surface

By carrying various sets of steel, players can have customized sharpenings, matching the different types of ice surfaces.

See how different sharpenings can make a big difference in your play.