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Thinking about what to get the serious hockey player in your life? Look no further than a custom stick. A custom stick is pretty much the greatest gift of all time for the player who wants full control of their hockey stick specifications.

A custom stick is BAUER’s most premium stick available for purchase, and, with the ability to dial in on specifications and personalization just like the pros do, their custom stick will surely be the most unique gift under the tree this year.

But what are all the options? And what are the differences between these options? Read on to learn how to create a custom stick for your favorite hockey player.

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STEP 1: Select Your Custom Option

When ordering a custom stick, you’ll have 3 options. Your choice will depend on the level of customization you are looking for, and when you plan on gifting the stick.

  • QuickTurn Custom is the fastest way to put a personal touch on a stick. When you select QuickTurn, you can choose from our most popular custom colors, flexes, and patterns. Then, you can further personalize the stick with their name and number. QuickTurn sticks are BAUER’s most popular option and deliver in as little as 5 days, making them an easy choice for gifting this season.
  • MyBAUER Custom is the next step in stick customization. MyBAUER Custom allows you to choose from hundreds of configurations to build their perfect stick, with elite-level custom features for their specific game, including grip options and blade patterns you won’t find anywhere else. MyBAUER Custom sticks, because of their high level of customization, ship in about 30 days.
  • MyBAUER Pro Custom allows you to build a stick from scratch. With MyBAUER Pro Custom, you can mix and match key features like a pro athlete. With this option, you can choose from different stick features for a truly custom stick. Because MyBAUER Pro Custom sticks are built from scratch, they will take longer to ship, between 30 and 45 days.

STEP 2: Choose Your Stick Family

Once you’ve determined the level of customization you’re after, you’ll want to choose your stick family.

With QuickTurn, you’ll be able to choose from 3 families of sticks.

  • VAPOR STICKS are ideal for the player looking for quickness. The VAPOR HYPERLITE 2 stick is our lightest, most durable VAPOR stick that delivers quicker plays, faster shots, and more goals coming off the blade.
  • NEXUS STICKS are the ideal choice for a player who wants control. The 5-sided stick shape provides more efficiency and flex where it’s needed – so they can be in control in any situation. The NEXUS SYNC is our most advanced, lightest NEXUS stick ever created.
  • PROTO-R is the newest stick in the Bauer Innovation Series. It’s ideal for the player looking for a more deceptive release from any position on the ice. The PROTO-R is our lightest mid-kick stick, made with BORON Fiber Technology (exclusive to BAUER). This limited edition stick is the perfect choice for the player who wants to customize BAUER’s newest product innovation.

MyBAUER Custom allows you to choose from additional sticks:

  • AG5NT offers the quickest release in a BAUER stick.
  • Supreme sticks bring power to their shot. SUPREME is a MyBAUER exclusive. This family of sticks can’t be purchased anywhere else!

Once you’ve chosen your stick family, you can start customizing.

STEP 3: Customize Your Stick!

This is the fun part, where you choose the stick color, hand, flex, blade pattern, and, of course, add your player’s name and #.

Once you’ve chosen your player’s hand (right or left), you can move on to the more technical specs, including flex and blade pattern.


The stick flex is based on a few factors: height, weight and playing preference. Flex is expressed as a number between 40 and 110+. This number represents the amount of pressure required to bend the stick one inch.

Quick Turn offers 9 flex options, between 40 (more flexible) and 87 (very stiff), including the newest, unique 65 SR flex. MyBAUER Custom expands that offering all the way to a 112 flex. Most players will fall somewhere in the middle.

Blade Pattern

The curve of the stick blade affects the ability to handle the puck and shoot. Whether they win faceoffs, pick corners or battle along the boards, there is a blade pattern designed to give them an edge, no matter their style or specialty.

With QuickTurn, you can choose from 5 blade patterns. Here are the most popular blade patterns that many players will choose from:

 Bauer taller P92 mid-curve hockey stick blade


This is the most popular blade pattern. With a curve that helps to cradle the puck, this blade shape is helpful for puck handling in traffic.

Bauer classic P88 mid-curve hockey stick blade


This classic mid-curve blade is a great all-around choice. It will help boost puck control, stick handling, hard wrist shots, and quick releases.

Bauer P28 toe-curve hockey stick blade


This blade’s toe curve and open face make it an excellent option for players who play the game with the puck on the toe of their stick. P28 is ideal for quick playmaking and is best for players with solid stickhandling moves.

MyBAUER Custom offers 19 blade pattern options, allowing players even more options to dial in the perfect shape. For more info, read our Complete Guide to Hockey Stick Blade Curves.


This may be self-explanatory, but stick colors can be chosen to reflect preference or to coordinate with team colors. With QuickTurn, you can choose from Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Purple, or White. MyBAUER Custom offers 12 different color options.

More Ways to Customize

MyBAUER Custom AND MyBauer PRO Custom offer even more customization options, including stick length, taper, grip and grip texture.

Name (and Player #)

You’re done! Now, all you need to do is add your player’s name or number.

STEP 4: Place Your Order!

Finally, place your order! QuickTurn sticks will be at your door in as little as 5 days, making them easy to get in time for the holidays. Custom and ProCustom take between 30 and 45 days.


Not Sure What They Want in a Custom Stick?

variety of bauer gift cards

There are many ways to customize the ultimate stick for the hockey player in your life. If you’re not sure about the options we’ve covered (don’t worry, there are lots!), you can grab a gift card and let your hockey player build their dream stick.

The opportunity to build a custom stick is one of the most unique gifts you can give. Whether you opt to customize the stick yourself, or give them a gift card, your player will never forget their custom stick.